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    Piki Poke - Hawaiian Bowl, a dish traditionally made with fresh raw fish and toppings like onions and seaweed, has been popular in Hawaii for decades. Our team brings you fresh, healthy food that's fast-casual. We Deliver & Cater to your events or Stop by and say hello!



The highest quality selected, all natural fresh ingredients.

Founded in 2017, our Poke Bowl shop on Washington St, Hoboken, NJ has become a beloved culinary gem, renowned for its commitment to quality food and exceptional service. With an unyielding dedication to selecting the finest ingredients, we ensure that each dish exceeds expectations. Beyond our flagship location, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our second location in vibrant Astoria, NY. As we expand, we are also excited to explore franchise opportunities, inviting passionate individuals to join our successful family. Whether you choose to savor the flavors at our original Hoboken spot or embark on a new venture with us, you can trust that our "picky" standards and warm hospitality will always be upheld.

Pike Poke - Hawaiian Bowl, It's basically everything you love from sushi, deconstructed into a bowl! Poke (POH-key) is a healthy Hawaiian staple of marinated, cut-up raw fish, often made with tuna. Build-your-own poke bowl is what we specialize, where you can pair your choice of delicate fish with rice and as many toppings such as fruits, nuts and vegetables. We’re specialize with the hot-meets-cold and cooked-meets-raw delicious dichotomy of the poke bowl. For vegetarian lovers, you can even create an all fruits and vegetable bowl!